My name is Mirko, born 1968 and first licenced in 1987 with some activity on VHF. Got my shortwave ticket 1988.

Working nowadays as a chief engineer for a global playing insurance company.
A few years ago we were moving to Leverkusen, where my wife is originally coming from. She holds an Amateur Radio Licence as well and can be heard on UKW.

My main focus in Amateur Radio is DX`ing from 6m to 160m and working every DXCC entity on as many bands as possible. I still need a contact with North Korea (P5) from the current DXCC list (340) to get them all.
Unfortunately i missed the one and only activity in 2002 from P5/4L4FN due to our relocation.

An annual summary of the current DXCC standings can be found on the DARC Website. Click here